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Who we are


Hi Everyone!


I'm Ginny (left) and Kim, on the right, is my (debatable!) better half.  Together, we launched and have been running The Parrot Lodge since 2013.


We have been parrot enthusiasts and keepers for over 25 years and it is a passion that does not wane.   Observing the dynamics of our little flock, and all the parrots in our care, is a constant fascination and learning experience.  


Through direct experience of parrot keeping as well as liaison with some key figures in the avian world, we have amassed a wealth of parrot knowledge particularly around diet, behaviour, health and training.  


Kim has previously worked as a rehoming officer for one of the many parrot rescues and we have both volunteered at a local bird park where a number of parrot species are in residence.   I am also presently working towards a diploma in parrot studies and behaviour.


Our own family consists of 3 FIDS (featured on the home page) Ollie the Black Headed Caique and 2 rescues, Jim the Senegal and Scottie, the Blue Crowned Conure.   We are also owned by Ted the mini schnauzer.


At this point I feel compelled to also make reference to Ben, a most unique and special 50 year old African Grey that blessed our lives shortly after launching The Parrot Lodge.  Ben was a 'frequent flyer' before ultimately living with us for many months prior to his adoption in 2017.  Heart-wrenchingly, Ben has since passed away but will forever remain an extended family member and a shining light in our hearts and minds.


Our decision to offer a parrot boarding service materialised after many anxious hours of searching for suitable care for our own flock and came about following consultation regarding approach to bio-security with two of the UK's most respected avian veterinarians, Neil Forbes and Alan Jones.  We are very proud to be the first boarding service in the UK to adopt a more comprehensive approach to health screening and very happy to see that some others have now followed in our footsteps.  Whilst disease screening is a complex science and an emotive topic, it is not one to be ignored or dismissed.  Reality is that when you mix your birds with others, there is risk of cross infection so think carefully and act wisely.  


The following article written for 'Parrots' Magazine talks about the issues and options around parrot care when you are away and makes for ineresting reading.







Since launch, The Parrot Lodge boarding diary is busy year round.   We have had the pleasure and privilege of caring for many, many parrots, large and small, as well as minding the emotional needs of concerned Parronts when leaving their FIDS, in particular for the first time.  


Life is anything but dull in our household and it is ridiculously hard work but, from the heart,  we can honestly say that it is rewarding in equal measure.


Here's hoping to meet you at some point!


Ginny & Kim

Parrot Boarding - the challenges and options!