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We boarded our African Grey, Coco, for 2 weeks with Ginny & Kim. On collection, I wasn't sure she wanted to come home!

 Having spoken to Ginny (at length) there was no hesitation whatsoever in making the decision to board our precious baby girl here.   She was looked after like a princess!  

 We had regular updates/photos/videos which made me feel a lot better for leaving her.  Ginny & Kim's knowledge and care for our wonderful feathered babies is second to none.   Highly recommend and, in my opinion, lots more than a 5 star rating ... lots, lots more!

 From the bottom of our hearts, Dave & I thank you so very, very much.   Coco says thank you too!

Maggie & Dave Ikin

Thank u so much Ginny and Kim for taking in my Eclectus parrot Tukki and for keeping him in your safe hands while we were on holiday this year.  It's the first time we have ever left him and truly wouldn't have thought about doing so until we found the both of you at The Parrot Lodge.  

 How amazing that in just a few days you knew exactly Tukki's likes and dislikes and all his cheeky ways!  The updates of Tukki's progress and the pictures you  sent were so wonderful to receive whilst put a smile on my face.  I have to say that you are fantastic at what you do.

 You took great care and attention of our little boy and we are very grateful.  Thank you so much

 Love from Tukki and Melinda xx

Hello humans and parrots in particular

 My flock lives in the deepest jungles of West Africa where we look after each other.  We eat together, fly together and sleep together so when we join you humans in your world, we're sometimes unsure about how to behave.  We love to chew stuff - any stuff - and we love to chatter, whistle and sing which can make us messy and noisy.  My own parrots love me so it's okay at home to be a little crazy; they forgive me, but it's hard to find a birdie hotel where I can visit and where the slaves understand my needs and habits, but who still love me too. 

Well, my parrots looked at a lot of places and finally found The Parrot Lodge where Ginny and  Kim act as my surrogate parronts (AKA parrot slaves); although I am still training them up - they really do a fantastic job.  I have my own huge suite, lots of time out to explore and they even come and chase my toys when I throw them for them to run after.  I can't wait for my next trip.  Whenever my parronts are on holiday (whatever that is) I am treated like the feathered Prince I am by my slaves at The Parrot Lodge.


Nibbles and chalkiness from


Mr Tickles the African Grey

Leaving Inca with Ginny and Kim was a great decision.   We researched a few places beforehand and initially I only contacted The Parrot Lodge for general advice on boarding as they were so far away from us. But after speaking to them via email and over the phone we felt it was worth the 3+ hour drive to get Inca there. They surpassed our expectations.  

 Inca was set up in a cage and we headed back home. It was such a relief during the long drive to receive a text from them saying Inca had already come out of her cage and done a 'step up' and a kiss for each of them.  Obviously we were worried Inca might be distressed and get 'the rage' (as she had done before when my Mum parrot sat). But Ginny and Kim are so experienced and calm and that seems to give their lodgers confidence too.  

 Ginny and Kim genuinely cared about Inca and got a good measure of her character. I had told them how I blew little raspberries on Inca's belly and when we picked her up Ginny said she had noticed that Inca would imitate the raspberry noise (just before you blow the raspberry). This is true! Inca does do that, but the behaviour was so new and subtle that I wasn't sure she was really doing it and I hadn't even mentioned it to my partner! But Ginny and Kim had noticed.  

 I think whether your parrot is the type to come out of their cage straight away, or the type that would rather stay in it a few days, boarding them with Ginny and Kim is a sound decision and they will sensitively cater to the needs of the individual bird.

 Katherine & Gavin

We booked Storm, our African Grey, for the first time at The Parrot Lodge.  

 Ginny & Kim's knowledge and loving care are second to none.  We came away from there, after after collecting her, with helpful tips on food health.  

 We now have our baby off of a seed based diet and enjoying a healthy mash veg and Nutri-berries diet.  We were kept up to date with video clips and messages with how she was settling in, which was a comfort to us while we were away knowing she was a happy contented parrot.

Our African Grey stayed at The Parrot Lodge for almost three weeks.   

Our parrot was very nervous and not hand tame so we were so pleased when we found such a warm, caring place for her to stay.  

 We had regular updates on how she was getting on including lovely pictures which included one of her being hand tamed which was absolutely wonderful to see whilst we were away. 

We feel blessed that we found a safe, loving environment and highly recommend.  We can't thank Kim and Ginny enought for all they have done.


Martine Edwards

We took our green cheek conure Aizen to The Parrot Lodge when we went away for a couple of weeks.  The questions asked, and required health certification gave us the confidence that care was taken seriously.   

After arrival, it was clear that we'd made the right choice.  Ginny and Kim have a lovely setup and are clearly passionate about their work.  I left knowing that he'd be well looked after, and probably reluctant to leave.  I would use them again as my first choice.

 Russell Morris

Thank you so much Ginny and Kim for looking after Mockie (our African grey parrot).  You are both very knowledgeable and passionate about parrots and you made us feel at ease with leaving Mockie in your care for a few days.  We could tell Mockie had been cared for very well and like one of your own, as he seemed to be at ease with you when we came to collect him.

The set up you have for parrot boarding is exceptional, the room is an adventure playground for parrots! There is so much for any feathered guests to do, giving them lots of stimulation and fun.  It was great to receive the regular updates of Mockie's progress, along with some fantastic pictures of what he has been up to during his stay.  We are very grateful to you both and would certainly recommend you to anyone.  Mockie is very much looking forward to spending more time with you in a few months time.  


Sarah & Paul

Ginny & Kim have a natural way with animals and my pet Parrot ‘Buddy’ took to them instantly. The first time I spoke to Ginny I could tell that she is passionate about what she does so I made a long journey to leave Buddy in their care during my wedding abroad.

 Buddy had a great time during his stay and received care and attention beyond my expectation. Their knowledge and experience gives you piece of mind that your pet is in safe hands. If this was a Parrot hotel, it would be 5 star and I will be bringing him back for my next holiday.


“Finding the right parrot boarding facility is a challenge like no other, but discovering also knowledgeable and experienced people to care about Eclectus parrot is simply rare. Our Mia means world to us and anyone who has an Eclectus will know caring for them is not the same as for other parrot breeds. Eclectus is sensitive to many things and in particular they have a unique digestive system so their diet should consist of organic vegetables and fruits and sprouted seed/legumes/pulses (seeds also have value but should be used only as a treat). This was an additional challenge and condition that needed to be fulfilled and after a very very long research I found Ginny and Kim, two most wonderful, caring and knowledgeable and very cheerful persons. The moment we stepped into their home we were impressed with the set up as parrots have their own playroom with lots of light, extra-large cages and endless number of perches, toys and swings. We immediately felt reassured we are leaving our precious baby in a safe and knowledgeable hands. The biggest peace of mind for us was that before boarding all birds must have had a health check demonstrating seriousness of their business and care. We have received daily pics and updates on our baby and made such a difference in allowing us to enjoy our holiday time as well. Thank you for all your care and love, you provide a great service and peace of mind for all companion bird owners   Vesna & Sasha

Our African Grey had an absolutely ball during his stay at the Parrot Lodge over the summer. After 33 years of eating mostly sunflower seeds...he came home eating vegetables and generally seeming happier in himself.  Would definitely recommend. Thank you Ginny & Kim for all your help teaching an old parrot new tricks!   Lucinda & Kelvin

I spent a long time researching parrot boarding facilities, and The Parrot Lodge seemed the perfect people to entrust with the care of my three beloved Congo African Greys. This meant a three hour drive from home to The Parrot Lodge, a three hour drive from The Parrot Lodge to Gatwick airport, then the same coming home; all of this was worth it for the peace of mind of knowing I was leaving my birds in great hands. There was lots of communication between us in the months leading up to our arrival, ensuring all information needed by both myself, and The Parrot Lodge, was fully discussed well in advance. Upon arrival, I was immediately impressed with the main boarding room, the cages in which my birds would be accommodated, and the aviaries in which they would spend time. Two of my Greys, Mojo and Shinda (bonded siblings), share a cage, the other, Daphne, is caged separately. The siblings have foot disabilities, and their perching needs were very much taken into consideration, and catered for. I could tell, before leaving, that they would all settle, and this was indeed the case. The regular updates, photos, and videos were wonderful. When I returned to collect my birds just over a week later, they were all SO relaxed and totally at home. They are already booked in for September 2020, as I know how popular this establishment is! VERY highly recommended, and well worth the long drives.   Pip