The Parrot Lodge

The Parrot Lodge. professional parrot boarding service.

Home from home parrot boarding hotel SERVICE

Whether it be for an overnight stay, an annual holiday or maybe for an extended period of leave, you can rest easy that your precious feathered friends are in experienced, attentive and loving hands. All birds are catered for – large and small.

All parrots boarding with us are required to have had a routine health check by an avian specialist and be deemed no risk to other boarding birds. As part of the routine health check we also require birds to be screened against tthe following diseases:

  • Psittacosis
  • PBFD
  • Borna Virus
  • Polyoma
  • Pacheco’s

Testing is a simple process, via a blood sample and vent swab however this is why we advocate that your bird should be registered with an experienced avian specialist who will ensure the process is stress free.

Working from home means that our flock and guests get lots of attention, stimulation and supervised time out of their cages on a daily basis. Nothing is forced, our guests are allowed to set their own pace for interacting with us. We are very happy to work with parrots with behavioural challenges and to introduce some training during their stay.

Our own birds diets consist of fresh fruit, vegetables, sprouted pulses, nuts and seeds on a daily basis. Our guests are offered the same plus any other staple food that they are used to. We are happy to discuss and cater for any dietary or special care needs.

Should ever the need arise where we need to seek veterinary advice, the specialist avian team at Great Western Exotics, are immediately on hand via telephone and operate a 24/7 emergency service.

Put very simply, your precious feathered friend will become one of our own family for the duration of their stay at The Parrot Boarding Lodge. They may miss you but they will lack nothing in terms of loving care and attention!

Guest accommodation

We have a range of cages available for our boarding parrots and will allocate according to size of bird although our general philosophy is to provide the largest cage possible and that is suitable for the species. That said, some birds become uneasy in a cage that is much larger than they are used to and we always take this into consideration.

Once birds are settled and relaxed and when the weather is suitable, we have the option of 2 outdoor aviaries that are directly attached to the house. For parrots that are harness trained or used to ‘backpacking’ we have 2 parrot pac-o-bird rucksacks avaiable for use to join us on a ramble in the Cotswold air.

We also have a number of collapsible cages available for hospitalisation or travel as needs arise.

Environment & Enrichment

We have bells, balls and a multitude of other toys for chewing and foraging. We have wood and rope perches and swings (round perches, flat perches, java perches, tabletop perches, floor standing perches and window ledge perches). We have ropes, we have ladders, we have cargo nets. We have covers for all cages, we have air extraction, air purifiers, UV lighting and a nebuliser. We have night lights and radios. We also have two aviaries, a small window aviary and a large, full height aviary with safety door access. We invest both money and a great deal of time and effort into providing a safe, clean and stimulating environment for our own flock and for all of our boarding parrots. In 2017 we also installed a monitored security system.