The Parrot Lodge

The Parrot Lodge. professional parrot boarding service.

    Arrival Date
    Collection Date
    Is your bird wing clipped?
    Is your bird insured?
    Should your bird become ill, do you want us to contact you while you are away?
    If yes, please provide a telephone number if different to main contact details:

    What do you feed your bird and are there any special dietary requirements? (please confirm brand i.e., Tidymix, Kaytee etc.). We will provide daily fresh fruit and vegetables. Please provide your own seed or pellet)

    What is your bird’s typical feeding routine i.e., times of day etc.?

    What is your bird’s average weight?

    Your bird’s behaviour: Things we should know? Your bird is unique and we will endeavour to replicate their routine to lessen their stress. It is therefore useful to understand what happens on an average day and any particular character traits. I.e., feeding and play times, play behaviours, cuddle times, likes, dislikes and even their fears (e.g., hats, gloves, painted fingernails).

    How long does your bird typically spend out of their cage on a daily basis?

    Handling: Is your bird happy to be handled/touched or is it stick handled? Do they like cuddles? Do they have a tendency to bite and, if so, are there any particular triggers? Do they have any preferences to men or women?

    Is your bird cage territorial?

    Do they prefer to be covered at night?

    How many hours do they typically sleep?

    Do they use foraging boxes?

    What are their favourite foods and treats?

    How do they prefer to wash? (e.g., bathe, shower, mist etc.)

    What is your bird’s typical daily routine? (e.g., wake up and bed time, favourite toys, perches, phrases, etc.)

    Anything else you think we should know?