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Think how easy it is to catch a common cold from someone else who is infected. It’s as simple as touching a surface contaminated with germs (e.g., a computer keyboard, a doorknob or shopping trolley handle) or by breathing in secretions from someone  who has sneezed into the air.


It is exactly the same for parrots but the sad reality is that there are several life limiting diseases that can be contracted in this way!  Disease can be carried in feather dust, droppings and in air particles meaning that spread of a virus can occur very easily through direct contact with a contaminated surface or by simply breathing infected air.  Alarmingly, some of these viruses can remain live in the environment for many months, even years, after they have been shed meaning that whenever you board your bird with others (or where other birds have been) you are exposing them to any infection that may be present.  

To protect your own birds and ours, we ask that all boarding parrots have received a full veterinary health check and be deemed no risk to others.  


As part of your health check we also ask for your bird to be tested against 5 specific diseases, Chlymadiosis, PBFD (Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease), Avian Borna Virus and Pacheco’s.


Testing is simple and requires a vent swab and just a small amount of blood to be taken (by an avian qualified vet) and sent to a laboratory for testing.  Multiple tests can be run from one blood sample and results are normally back within 2 weeks.   We ask to see a copy of the test certificates in advance of any stay.  


We have agreed a discounted rate for the tests with two laborabories. Please talk to us to confirm the price and process for receiving this discount.


We appreciate that there is cost involved in getting your birds tested and we realise that this may put off some people from choosing to board
their birds with us.  This is a consequence we are are willing accept for
the greater good!  


It is our aim to keep your parrots and our own flock as safe as realistically possible.  Sadly we cannot eliminate every
risk without eliminating our ability to offer a boarding service however, we
can most certainly improve the odds!


Please consider this carefully when you are searching for a suitable boarding establishment. You will find that those with a true understanding and appreciation of the risks of cross infection, are those that ask for some form of health testing in advance of any stay.  


On the upside, once you have had your birds tested, provided you do not mix them with any other untested birds, you are not required to repeat these tests in order to board with us again.



With the risk of cross infection being so high in birds, we take health and hygiene very seriously and are fastidious cleaners!   We use newspaper to line the bottom of cages and this is changed at least twice daily, more if we deem necessary.  All of our occupied parrot cages are wiped down daily and fully cleaned and disinfected on a weekly basis using F10 solution.    Between guests, the boarding room is completely decontaminated using an F10 fogger.


To help reduce feather dust and maintain air quality, we have installed an air extraction fan and also use an air purifier within the boarding room at all times.


F10 is a veterinary recommended cleaning agent.  It is extremely effective against avian diseases such as Avian Flu, Borna Virus, PBFD and Psittacosis, and destroys bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. It is non toxic, biodegradable and does not corrode metals or irritate eyes or abraded skin.    It can be used for disinfecting floors, cages, perches and toys, food preparation areas and even as a food rinse.  It can decontaminate hands and be used as a fog to eradicate airborne microbes such as fungal spores and viruses or when an ill bird sheds infected material.